Here's What We Do

A South Texas business since 2013, Diamond M is a dedicated source in providing high quality right-of-way clearing and maintenance services to our customer base.

Our Company makes your Erosion Control issues easy to fix. Not only do we install controls, we can also make sure you are always in compliance in your region. With certifications in erosion control inspections, and SWP3 planning. We can be there for your company from, "cradle to grave."

"Companies choose our services because we are flexible. When you need us, we are there."

In Erosion Control, we offer the following: SWP3 Planning, SWP3 inspections, silt fence install, construction entrances, rock berms, excavation, grading, soil retention, Gabions, tree protection, and many more.

We also complete Right of Way Maintenance, this includes the following: Road and Pad Construction Maintenance, ROW Restoration and Reclamation, Roustabout Crews, Hydromulch, Drill Seeding, Weed Control and Maintenance Mowing.

We specialize in the following services for all of South Texas:


Hydroseeding, or Hydromulching can be a difficult task in the South Texas climate. We partner with industry leaders to provide quality revegetation in any circumstance, we can even grow grass on rocks! Diamond M has the equipment and manpower to complete any size job.

2Maintenance Mowing
Ag tractors capable of mowing up to 15 feet wide while targeting sloped surfaces, retention ponds, easements and ditches.
3Drill Seeding
Used with a tractor and specialized seeding attachment, drill seeding is an agricultural process that utilizes a mechanical mechanism to open a furrow, place the seed in the soil at a certain depth, then cover the seed with wheels or some sort of packing mechanism.
4Erosion Control

Our erosion control solutions are designed to stabilize slopes on various landscapes such as lakes, rivers, creeks, drainage channels and construction sites.

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